Practical Applications of Renewable & Alternative Energy in Africa

Solar powered portable business hub

Solar powered portable business hub

While new innovations that harness renewable and alternative energy emerge more frequently, it is still a challenge to promote, distribute and market the innovative technology effectively in deep rural areas.
Recent innovations that came to our attention include stick-on solar panels, gravity charged portable lights as well as space saving solar powered hydroponic and stacked vegetable growing systems.

A singularly meaningful and versatile designs is the very functional SOLARKIOSK.

According to their brochure, 1,5 billion people live in off-grid communities, of which 800 million live in Africa.

SOLARKIOSK addresses the needs of such communities by providing energy & connectivity.

Every SOLARKIOSK is an autonomous business hub that creates enough energy to enable a rural community to charge their mobile phones, batteries, lamps and offer services like cooling, internet and communications.

Additionally every kiosk offers purchasable products ranging from solar home systems to electrical appliances and fast moving perishables and consumer goods.

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