Congo River – Hydroelectricity answers to Africa

The developing regional economic hub of Kisangani, in the north east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, provides examples of how the fast flowing Congo River water is diverted or harnessed directly to provide hydro-elctric power to the town and region. It might be observed that such utilization for renewable energy should perhaps also consider the navigational advantages of the Congo River in its valuable 1 734km of navigable stream, up to 16 km wide,

Kisangani Hydro-power

Kisangani Hydro-power

between Kinshasa and Kisangani. The Congo River provides a valuable transportation and commercial “highway” for regional economic co-operatives and development in transport, commerce and peripheral industry. In my personal ground level experience along the Congo River since 2007, the development and investment potential, for commerce, regional economic development and alternative energy to Africa, is vast and very under-developed.

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